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Analogy of the Day A great way to practice solving these word pair problems. Try the Word Quiz and Spelling Bee, too

Astronomy Picture of the Day Features a photo and explanation from an astronomer and links to help you learn more

Bullying Resources for Educators and Parents​

Cat of the Day For those of you who love cats-new photo and story every day

CIA World Factbook Everything you want to know about any country in the world

Dog of the Day For those who think dogs rule-new photo and story every day

Earth Science Picture of the Day Learn more about the planet Earth by looking at this daily picture, reading the information, and checking out the links

How Stuff Works Learn something new about lots of different things

NewsHour News for Students News written especially for students from PBS

SAT Question of the Day Get ready for th​e SAT with these practice questions

Sci-Tech on TV Monthly calendar of television programs with science or technology as content

Sports Trivia of the Day Also quotes, anagrams, word of the day, and more

Today in History From the Library of Congress, with links to resources you can use to learn more

Today's Birthdays Is today your birthday? What famous people were born on this day in history? Who shares your birthday?

Word a Day Increase your vocabulary by using this word today from the New York Times

More daily vocabulary words: Word 1Word 2Word 3

Academic Resources