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Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol is a league of fifth grade students who help assist our students and guests around campus.  The Safety Patrol provides positive tone and helps to implement the rules of safety on our campus.

Students are nominated by their teacher or, has expressed interest in serving on the Blue Lake Safety Patrol. Students who are accepted into the Safety Patrol will be examples of good and proper discipline inside and outside of the classroom and off campus.  The student needs to maintain at least a minimum of a ‘C’ average.

Students are expected to assist before, during, and/or after school hours as transportation allows.   Duties will require a short amount of time each day. Members are selected for their courtesy, dependability, interest in their job, physical fitness, attitude towards others and scholastic standing.

 The primary aims of the Patrol are:

  • To help children move safely on their way to and from school.

  • To help children become safe pedestrians and bike riders.

  • To foster qualities of leadership and good citizenship in Patrol members.

Safety Patrol membership is an honored position. Millions of boys and girls have served since the program started around 1920. Since then, the casualty record among children aged 5 to 14 has improved significantly. Patrols have played an important role in this achievement.

Interested students should notify their teacher. Students will be notified of training opportunities. The school sponsor is Kenney Lutz, Physical Education teacher  assisted by Patricia Swen, Science.